2022 Women's Summit of the South

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Women's Summit! The Winnovation Agency is proud to bring the 3rd Annual Summit to Florida in 2022. We will be conducting volunteer and Speaker interviews in January/February. For more information please reach out to Sierra@Winnovationagency.com.

Keep an eye out for Sponsor openings in April. 



Build Community OVER Competition.


Winnovation Agency® was founded by experts in Innovation to create a community of women entrepreneurs seeking community,  consultation and ideation. Our goal is to encourage and empower women in innovation, business, and entrepreneurship through our community platform.


Winnovation Agency® founded the Women's Summit to create a community platform for women in the Lowcountry to connect and empower each other. The Summit opens conversation to attendees starting their business, promoting their services, and building everlasting relationships.


The Women's Summit is the most exciting networking event of the year! Join an amazing community of women looking to connect, start their own business, and build a community. This all-day conference features expert speakers on a variety of topics including innovation, marketing, mental wellness, physical strength, entrepreneurship, and leadership.