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Expert in Innovation & Digital Marketing

Sierra Pollard is a pioneering innovator and educator, known for her exceptional accomplishments in the fields of digital marketing, innovation, and design thinking. From being one of the first graduates of the nation's Innovation Academy to founding the Winnovation Agency® and empowering women entrepreneurs, Sierra's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. 


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"I appreciate all of the assistance with my social media pages! My pages are all consistent and I have a great social calendar schedule for the next month. Easy, no fuss!" 

- Cindi A.

“Sierra's attention to detail is flawless. She was extremely easy to work with and created exactly what I needed to increase engagement with customers! The graphics she has created are perfect for my company!"

- Debi C.

“I appreciate talent. Sierra is a captivating speaker and knows what the client is looking for. Thanks for speaking at the Innovation Conference!”

Mike P.

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