Women's Summit of the Lowcountry

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The Women's Summit of the Lowcountry is hosted by the Winnovation Agency!

Topics will cover women empowerment, inspiration, motivation, women in business, women in engineering, and starting your own venture!

Winnovation Agency™ was founded in 2019 to motivate & empower women in innovation. Innovation is a cross disciplinary study that can be used in every field and venture. Winnovation Agency™ is here to connect women across all platforms and share their amazing stories. Our mission is to empower all women and inspire innovation in all that they do because women can do anything and everything they can dream up!

Our founder and CEO, Sierra Pollard, has studied Innovation for almost 10 years. Throughout her studies at the Bachelor's and Master's level, she was constantly looking for a community that would uplift the amazing women who are actively creating, design, and innovating within their field. While applying for scholarships before enrolling in a Master's in Product Innovation, she couldn't find any scholarships for innovation, let alone women studying innovation. She became a sponsor for a program specific scholarship at the Innovation Academy at the University of Florida. But her goal was to create something more. She wanted to inspire innovation in everyone. After spending sometime in Richmond, VA, she hatched a plan to comeback to the Lowcountry and start a company. Thus, Winnovation Agency™ LLC was born.

Winnovation Agency™ will be the community network that any and all women and men can join.

Stay tuned for the first ever Women's Conference in the Lowcountry!

Stay tuned for more info!

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Women in Innovation

Innovation is in everything we do: every field, problem, and solution. Let's combine all of our skills and make the world a better place. 

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