How to be more Extroverted when you are an Introvert

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Here's an easy tip to be more #extroverted when you're definitely an #introvert!

It can be annoying when others tell you to smile more... but when one person smiles, more people will, too! Smile because you choose to, not because someone else says you need to.

But smiling can only get you so far. To really become more extroverted, we want you to go outside or maybe go to Target, and see people. Be around them. And then talk to them!

Talk to strangers, better yet, #compliment them!

This will be #weird the first few times you give a complete #stranger a compliment, but say it with complete confidence and pretend that you don't care at all if they hear you or if they react. Compliment them as if it is fact and keep moving.

Obviously, don't say it mean. Don't stop them and leave an awkward silence. Don't give them weird facial looks. This will come off negatively and we don't want to get you kicked out of Target!

Simply say "Oh I love your earrings," and keep on walking. If they say "thank you", feel free to say "you're welcome" and keep walking. Please make sure if you say that you like someone's earrings, the person is actually wearing earrings. And if you hate the earrings, don't lie. Pick something else that you might like to compliment them on.

Just remember people love compliments, just don't be weird about it. This is a simple tool to become just a little more extroverted when you're an introvert. Practice talking to strangers and you will feel more comfortable talking to others! This should help you feel more confident in engaging with others.

Do you have any #innovative #ideas to help introverts become more extroverted? We'd love to hear your ideas! Follow @WinnovationAgency on #Instagram and let us know!

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