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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As a woman who has studied Innovation at both the Bachelors and Masters level, I can honestly say that Innovation is never ending, open minded, and all inclusive.

Innovation can be defined as the study of problem solving with the use of #crossdisciplinary perspectives. I, myself, have #trademarked Winnovation and have created the above definition for innovation and focused on the #perspective of women for Winnovation.

Innovation is new and ever-changing.

Right now Innovation is a #hot #buzz #word across the business and engineering industries. The reason being, is that the arts world has always had an appreciation for completely unique ideation sessions. Now business and engineering and even humanities is all encompassing these ideas and creating something amazing.

How does one study Innovation?

Well, I received my Bachelors from the University of Florida in the Innovation Academy and then continued on at Virginia Commonwealth University to receive my Master's in Product Innovation. I also studied at the European Innovation Academy for a brief time. I have about 10 years of researching Innovation. I promise I'm not bragging, I'm only stating that I am an expert on the topi at hand. This is why I have started the Winnovation Agency™ to encourage #Women in #Innovation to study innovation and grow their ideas to potentially start their own ventures.

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